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The Power of Simplicity in Health and Wellness

We often undervalue the Power of Simplicity in our health and wellness.

At one end of the spectrum, the standard of care extends our lifespans, i.e., drugs, surgery, and devices.But the average senior sees seven doctors and takes seven meds per year. Thus, we all know someone – or are that someone – who lives with a poor quality of life.Self-proclaimed biohacking broscientists are on the other end of the spectrum.If something might just help your health – no proof required- one of the broscientists will sell or promote it. In doing so, they claim their products, equipment, books, podcasts, and psychedelic drugs are the solution to everything from chronic disease to healthy aging.

The Power of Simplicity
Instead, you can be the hero of your health by taking control of your mind and body with simple lifestyle practices. Better yet, these tools cost nothing but a bit of time. And they bring enjoyment to you and others with whom you live, work, and play.

The pillars of healthy aging are moderate exercise, an anti-inflammatory diet, a strong family, and fun, supportive friends. It’s “too simple.”

  • Study after study demonstrates walking would be a trillion-dollar drug – if big pharma could put it in a vial and sell it. Healthline says their top 10 benefits include heart health, lower blood sugar, boosted energy, living longer, creative thinking, and more.
    A trial led by the University of Massachusetts found that walking about three miles per day cut the risk of dying by more than half. Surprisingly, people who walked further or faster did not live longer. According to the Cleveland Clinic, too much exercise can hurt you. In other words, you don’t have to be a weekend warrior to be healthy.
  • The Harvard School of Public Health supports the age-old Mediterranean diet. If you start the Mediterranean diet before the age of 80, you will outlive at least three of your friends who eat the western diet. Our Italian, Spanish, and Greek friends who consume more olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seafood than Americans have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, and depression.
  • Dan Buettner studied five communities in Japan, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, and California. In these five Blue Zones, more 90-year old’s live with vim and vigor than anywhere else on the planet. His talk, How to live to be 100+, ties together the common denominators regarding exercise, diet, community, and purpose that Buettner’s research unearthed. Suffice to say, people in these communities walk a lot.
  • At 33, Lissa Rankin, M.D., was a burned-out ob-gyn physician. She was taking seven medications to treat a whole host of conditions.  Her successful search for better personal health led Lissa to mind-over-body medicine.  In her TEDx Talk, Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?, Lissa names research studies that show friendships, long-term relationships, a positive frame of mind, and relaxation exceed the benefits of exercise and diet alone.
  • In Shut your Mouth and Change your Life, Patrick McKeown explains how simply switching from mouth breathing to nasal breathing improved his asthma, sleep, and focus. Gentle, slow nasal breathing enhances heart health, lung function, sexual fitness, immune strength, and a heightened sense of well-being. He gives new meaning to a breath of fresh air. And breathwork isn’t new: Medical research attributes the benefits of meditation and yoga to it.

But for some people, healthy living isn’t enough, or it came too late.  After failing conventional and integrative medicine, Barbara, Jeff, Tony, Trish, and others credit accessing their adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs) with their improved quality of life. In this way, ADRCs bring a Golden Era of Self-Cell Repair to healthcare.

In summary, these mind-body wellness tools are the keys to the healthspan kingdom.

Conversely, extreme biohacking may just be the new stupid.  In this realm, “broscience” geniuses Dave Asprey, Joe Rogan, and Ben Greenfield score healthcare IQs below the room temperature.

Like big pharma, biohacking is big business. If we stacked on top of one another all the equipment, products, supplements, coffee, food, books, course materials, franchise documents, blog posts, and transcripts the big three market, it would be the height of a 10-story super-store.

The polar opposites are the stars of the back-to-basics formula.  They are everyday folks who enjoy life into their 80s, 90s, and 100s with intact memories, healthy hearts, and rich social lives.


The millions of scientific papers supporting the Power of Simplicity in health could encircle the earth.On a personal basis, the pillars of the Power of Simplicity encompass the future of healthy, happy, and dignified aging. And you can splurge on them without having to spend any money at the Biohacking Superstore.

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