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Candidacy: How to Become a Patient

The AMBROSE patient experience begins with a series of clearance and educational steps for the purpose of ensuring cell therapy is a good fit for each patient.

Consultation & Education

Candidacy & How to Become a Patient | AMBROSE Cell TherapyIn a private, one-on-one consultation prior to acceptance for treatment, all AMBROSE patients are scheduled to discuss medical concerns, symptoms and the impact their condition is having on their quality of life with an MD Patient Consultant. This is done by telephone and includes a basic stem cell education relevant to the patient’s specific condition or set of complaints as well as the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions. Based on goals discussed during consultation, the Patient Consultant will develop a preliminary treatment plan for use as a framework moving forward.


There is no higher priority for us than the safety and well-being of our patients. For this reason, those currently undergoing active cancer therapy are not appropriate candidates for cell therapy at this time but may be once stably in remission. Patients who are pregnant may not undergo surgery until medically cleared post-partum. Patients on blood thinners will require peri-operative medication management in coordination with their cardiologist.

If a patient has one of these or any other disqualifying condition or circumstance, this will be discussed initially with an AMBROSE Patient Coordinator.

Medical Clearance:

To further develop a more detailed plan of treatment and to obtain medical clearance, the following steps are completed in coordination with a patient’s physician and healthcare provider(s) close to home:

  • Health History Overview
    A personal health history summary, provided by the patient, for the purposes of ensuring an appropriate course of treatment.
  • Pre-Operative Physical
    A physical exam to be performed by your primary care physician to obtain medical clearance for surgery.
  • Referral for Stem Cell Therapy
    In accordance with the Federal Right to Try law, this is a form signed by the patient’s primary care physician referring to AMBROSE Cell Therapy for treatment.

Forms and further instructions for these items will be provided.

Logistics & Scheduling

Once accepted for treatment, our Admissions team will reach out to discuss logistics of scheduling, accommodations and to begin the process of some necessary paperwork prior to arrival. Pre-treatment lab work, testing and consent forms are completed during this time frame. Additional medical records may also be obtained for the purpose of further developing the treatment plan on procedure day.

Treatment Day

Procedure days usually begin in the earlier morning hours. After check-in, patients meet with the treatment team to discuss any concerns, do a final medical history review, perform a physical exam and map out additional treatment plan details with the doctors.

Treatment begins with liposuction to harvest adipose derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs). Patients then rest while the cells are being processed and prepared for intravenous infusion as well as direct injections to affected tissues and joints.

After a period of recovery and observation, patients return home or to their hotel with a caregiver or family member to rest.

Follow-up & Aftercare

The day after cell therapy, post-operative consultation takes place with an RN to review aftercare instructions and answer any questions the patient or caregiver may have. As with any surgical procedure, there is a window of time before normal activities can be resumed. Specialized post-liposuction compression garments are strongly recommended and there is likely to be some bruising and soreness.

In the weeks and months that follow, the AMBROSE cycle of care continues with regular follow-up and health coaching geared towards helping patients optimize lifestyle habits which support maximum benefit from cell therapy.

Getting Started

To begin the process of determining stem cell treatment candidacy and becoming a patient at AMBROSE, contact a Patient Coordinator for further information. We look forward to discussing with you how cell therapy may help you reduce symptoms, improve function and better your quality of life.

AMBROSE Cell Therapy

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