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Patient Reported Outcome – Mary Grace

In mid-November 2021, Mary Grace, 58 years old, exercised her Right to Try AMBROSE Cell Therapy. In October, she severely reinjured her left knee while hiking in the Himalayas. After pushing through with increasing pain from sports injuries and concussion-related symptoms for 15 years, that was the final straw.

Mary Grace received 40 injections of stem cells. Immediately after the stem cell procedure, her right arm, hip and neck were pain-free. Mary Grace thought this was already worth it! 

By Christmas (six weeks after her treatment), she told Ambrose Cell Therapy that her knee was about 70% better. Mary Grace said, “I actually skied a couple of runs yesterday, and my back, arm, and neck do not hurt anymore. My two toes that I severely damaged from running on the beach are now straight, and they no longer hurt, and my hip is pain-free. I feel physically good now and without pain – for the first time in a very long time. I had no idea how much pain I was in before getting stem cell therapy. I feel so much better.”

She shared, “Stem cell therapy was the best present I have ever given myself!  I already see the difference. After only six weeks after the procedure, I lifted my grandchildren all week without even thinking about it!  The money I spent on stem cells was worth every penny – and I haven’t even gained the long-term benefits.”

 Mary Grace’s Story

Mary Grace is a healthcare entrepreneur, philanthropist, and grandmother. She currently skis, swims, hikes, mountain climbs, and plays with her grandchildren.

Here is her story and more details of the benefits she is enjoying:

“Fifteen years ago. I fell skiing hard enough to become unconscious. Since then, I have had brain fog, fatigue, and short-term memory lapses.”

“After my stem cell treatment, I feel sharper and have better energy. I feel great and am doing more than I have ever done. I recently started an online pet food business to help a friend out in Mexico. I feel excited about trying a new business and like the challenges it gives. I have not felt this way in years. I am not sure, but stem cell therapy may have had something to do with it. My short-term memory is slowly improving. “

In 2016, Mary Grace injured her right forearm during yoga. After that, it constantly hurt, and she could not straighten it. “I didn’t realize I was in that much constant pain until the pain was gone.”

In October 2021, while hiking the Appalachian Trail, she fell and injured her left knee. Then in November 2021, hiking in the Himalayas, she fell and reinjured the same knee. “They helicoptered me off the mountain.”

Mary Grace reached the rope’s end with a crippled knee from the last Himalayan trek.

She lived with chronic pain in her neck, thoracic spine, and lower back. Both hands tingled intermittently. In addition to her left knee and right hip pain, she had left shoulder pain and limited range of motion. And her right forearm hurt all the time. Running on the beach caused her feet to hurt and disfigured two toes.

Through the seven months following Ambrose Cell Therapy, in addition to the above, she reports:

  • “My back is a miracle. I no longer worry about my slip discs coming out anymore.”
  • “My left knee is 90%. I am hiking again. It’s not painful; the only thing I can’t do is crawl in a small tent while trekking. I need 5% more range of motion to do that. I know I will get there!”
  • My neck is not painful, but I don’t quite have a full range of motion. The exercise you (Ambrose) gave me is helping, though. I am almost there.”
  • “My right hip doesn’t hurt. I forgot that it ever did hurt.”
  • “I forgot about the tingling in my fingers too.”
  • “My toes that I severely damaged on the beach are now straight and don’t hurt.”
  • “My massage therapist said my skin feels 20 years younger. My friends have asked me what I am doing to look so young.”

“I tell everyone I know to call Matt Feshbach at Ambrose. I would never consider surgery if I injured myself again. I would always call Ambrose and try stem cells first.”

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